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Community Manager

First, meet @BenGarrison — you'll see him a lot here on the forums, in our Slack Lounge, and out in other areas on social (Twitter, Reddit, SpiceWorks, among others—he gets around).

Hello, Ben Garrison, Technical Evangelist. Been at JumpCloud since March 2020 where I started as an Implementation Engineer. Now I engage IT admins and answer questions on social, and host the (mostly) weekly IT Hour. You'll also catch me at our virtual meetups and maybe a few in person sometime in the future.
I currently live in Tampa, although I grew up in Colorado, Go Avs! I have two daughters, 8 and 3 and an 18 week Golden Retriever named CJ. I am an Army Veteran of 15 years and a huge nerd. I enjoy Dungeons and Dragons, hockey, puzzles and playing silly games with my girls and puppy!
Some of my passions lately have been learning Linux and of course community. I enjoy meeting people and learning from their experiences. And I hope to share my experiences and we can all grow. 
Next say hi to @alexaemerson — you'll see her in our meetups.
Hey everyone! 👋
AlexaEmerson here. I joined JumpCloud back in November of 2021 as the Community Events Manager. My role consists of planning and coordinating the meetup events within the community program.
Having previously come from a distributor, I've worked in tech for five years. I've always enjoyed working with SMBs because I find them to always be eager to learn, engaged, and extremely resourceful individuals. That's also why I feel so passionately about what JumpCloud is doing by building out this community. Often times IT admins wear multiple hats, building complete IT infrastructures from the ground up by themselves. In my short time with JumpCloud, it's already been awesome to see admins in this space offering advice, sharing detailed write-ups, and discussing best practices.
My goal with the meetups is to bring that virtual collaboration to life - to create a unique, informal, and engaging environment for admins across the industry to network, share insights, and collaborate to solve real-world problems. Though sponsored by JumpCloud, these meetups are designed to be about all things tech to ensure that we are truly meeting the needs and expectations of our audience.
Upstate South Carolina has almost always been home. I graduated from Clemson University (go Tigers!) and I'm currently based out of Greenville, SC. I live in its beautiful downtown and I love taking advantage of all it has to offer - from its food scene to breweries, walking trails to live music almost every night.
That said, I love to travel and hope to see some of you at a meetup this year! Never hesitate to reach out to me at if you're interested in getting involved with the meetups, have a topic/speaker suggestion, or have any questions I can help with!

And finally, I'm @BScott. You'll probably see me a little bit of everywhere as well, but especially here in the forums.

Hi! I'm Becky, Head of Community at JumpCloud. I own the strategy & programs for meetups, community, and social. Mid-April will be my 1-year anniversary here. Before that I worked at several tech companies, a mobile phone provider, and a major state university out west. I've loved tech for a really long time, which I can attribute to—or blame on—my dad.

After living in SoCal for 20+ years, my boys and I relocated to the Raleigh area of North Carolina about 5 years ago. We have 3 cats and we're all pretty much geeks in our own ways (I am so proud! 😭). I just recently watched Witcher and am trying to finish the books, but I'm also watching Gilded Age and waiting for the next season of Ted Lasso. But that's about the extent of my television viewing.

I love a good meme or gif in Slack and you'll see me use emojis a lot with absolutely no remorse. It's my shorthand and life's too short to apologize for that. Or my purple hair.

That's us! If you'd like to reach out, you can DM any of us on the forums (if you don't have the ability yet, don't worry, it comes after you've been posting for a bit) or email us: And feel free to connect with any of us on LinkedIn (all linked from our names). Thanks for joining us!

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Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Hope to see everyone at a meetup soon! Join our member network here to stay up to date on the latest news and announcements.

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