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Template: Job Description - System Administrator, Entry Level

JumpCloud Alumni
JumpCloud Alumni

As an entry level administrator, you will work under the supervision of more experienced IT professionals. You should come to the position with fundamental knowledge of technology and an aptitude for the skills.

Your educational background may or may not include technical skills training but you should have a basic, foundational knowledge of operating systems, networks, and business software. An entry level position should provide you with specific on the job training and may even cover the cost of future classroom training. 

As an entry-level systems administrator, you will be the customer-facing first line of support. You will help manage the computer and network environment of your company. You will be responsible for:

  • Installation and setup of servers and/or workstations.
  • Installation and updates to software.
  • User workstation troubleshooting.
  • Collecting information about the network usage and reliability.
  • Managing data storage.
  • Support and manage cloud SaaS.
  • Use MDM and DaaS tools.
  • Manage software licensing and maintenance agreements.

You should show the following skills and experience:

  • Interest in learning new technologies and the ability to become certified in relevant technologies. 
  • Knowledge of logical troubleshooting steps.
  • Communication skills - written and verbal.
  • Basic network knowledge.
  • Self-starter, able to see the big picture.

As an entry-level administrator, your main job is to learn more about the hardware, software, and unique setup of the company as you prepare to move into a more senior position. Companies often use this job as a type of extended training period, so you may perform most of your work under the supervision of a mid-level or senior-level systems administrator.