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Template: Job Description - System Administrator, Mid-Career

JumpCloud Alumni
JumpCloud Alumni

As a mid-level system administrator, you will mentor and, possibly manage, less experienced sysadmins. You should come to the position with proven competencies of an entry level admin as well as expanded education and certification. You should show expertise in support and systems management as well as strong resolution KPIs.

Your education should include extensive knowledge of scripting and automation as well as a thorough knowledge of networks and their associated security concerns. 

You should have experience and training in technical design, planning, implementation, maintenance and the highest level of performance tuning and recovery procedures for mission critical systems. You will serve as the technical expert in the area of system administration for complex operating systems. You will be responsible for:

  • Administering and maintaining system infrastructure.
  • Implementation of hardware and software solutions.
  • Monitor system performance.
  • Identify needs and communicate solutions and direction.
  • Manage IT projects.
  • Troubleshoot systems and software issues as escalated technical support.
  • Create reports from analytics.
  • Administer at a domain level.
  • Monitor and configure network security.
  • Develop, implement, and maintain disaster recovery plan.
  • Develop and maintain documentation system standards for computers and networks.
  • Manage MDM tools.
  • Manage hardware and software acquisition.

You should show the following skills and experience:

  • Certification in network equipment.
  • Mentoring.
  • Basic programming skills.
  • Advanced scripting skills.
  • Ability and interest in researching new technologies and security measures.
  • 2-4 years entry level experience.
  • Exceptional written and verbal skills.

As a mid-level administrator, you are the SME (subject matter expert) for the hardware, software, and services that keep the company running. You are moving into a position where your skills in more complex systems are deeper and your people-management skills are being developed in preparation for you to move to a more senior role.