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Disabling "Optimizing Your Mac"

Novitiate II

We are seeing growing interest to remove the MacOS "Optimizing Your Mac" notifications.

Having Google'd I don't see where this is handled, or what policy it relates to.

Any ideas?


Rising Star II
Rising Star II

Hi @chrisati - It's not something that's natively part of the MDM spec. Can you clarify why you're considering blocking them at all? That seems like a notification I'd want to receive as a user.


Ideally, we would want to defer optimizing until the outside of business hours, including related alerts. Since this process slows down the machine, and the notifications distract the users. It is for our purposes decidedly non-essential to business day operations.

I have confirmed with Apple that this dialog is not currently suppressible, by design. In reality, these optimization cycles are required after upgrades and are not optional, and thus, you cannot delay them, and so you might as well inform your users why their system is not at "full capacity" (in reality, this optimization process is quite rapid and quite resource thrifty, except on machines with spinning platter storage.)