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What are you grateful for? (A thanksgiving post)

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

It's 🍗 Thanksgiving here in the US next week. And even if you don't celebrate that exact holiday, it's never a bad time to reflect on things you're grateful for, right?

So let's hear it...what would you like to stop for a moment and acknowledge? It doesn't have to be work related at all, but it can be if that's all you want to share.

I'll kick it off. My list:

  • My kiddos, who even though they're teenagers still like to hang out with me sometimes
  • Our cats, 🐈 even when they are a major PITA (which is most of the time)
  • A roof 🏡 over our head & food to eat / access to food 🍲
  • Friends who are like family 🎁

And this group of community folks who regularly make my day. Yeah, roll your eyes if you want to, but we talk about how awesome y'all are behind your back ALL THE TIME. 💖 And no I won't apologize for that. 


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Rising Star III
Rising Star III

Thanks @BScott for starting this. 
Yeah, I'm not an American celebrating Thanksgiving. Germans - like me - have their 'Erntedankfest🍎🍞🍗🍺 though.
But I always like this question of "What I'm grateful for?" because it really makes you think and appreciate more what you have. Likely it's good to ask this question more than once a year. 😉

I'm grateful for a lot of things and just to name a few (not so different to yours):

  • Having a small family (our son, my wife, our dog and myself)
  • Rather few, but really good friends. I might have a preference for BFF's only 🙂
  • Being able to travel and explore the world 🌍🌎🌏
  • Living in times of constant technological progress and innovation (it really never gets boring)
  • Feeling rather safe in a world of tensions, violence and conflicts and being able to give where I feel it makes sense to me

Really not the most exhaustive list, but it often boils down to that. 

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Oh man, this makes me miss living in the US. Us immigrant kids used to have our own little Friendsgivings when we didn't have invites to join someone's family Thanksgiving dinner. This year I'll be on a beach in Sri Lanka so no regrets moving back to India 😄 

This year I'm most most most grateful for my job. After six years of freelancing, having structure, community, guidance, and things to do every day has helped my mental health so much. Not to mention finding this job during a recession and amidst worldwide layoffs in the tech industry. Whew, so grateful! 

I'm also grateful for my lovely, clingy, needy little cat. He makes my day, every day and these last four months of being a first time pet mom have been so much more wonderful than I expected. 

Lastly I'm grateful for my mind and body. Sounds strange but recovering from knee surgery last year and attempting to re-enter the tech world after six years have challenged my mind and body and both have risen to the challenge spectacularly, for which I'm grateful ❤️ 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 

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