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Find my stolen device

Novitiate I

Just wonder if there is a Locate Device feature in Jump Cloud to recover stolen devices


Iron I
Iron I

Hi @MarxoBazz let me check on this and get back to you

Hi @MarxoBazz we don't collect device location information to maintain user privacy. The closest information you can get is the IP address but I'm not sure that's what you're looking for. 

other MDM EMM implement this feature, at least it should be possible to have this only if I declare as stoken and the device is completly locked or some sort of privacy shield 

Hi @MarxoBazz I understand the need and the issue with Android that you mentioned in another comment. A feature request would help the Product team look into this.

How can I open a feature request?

Here's how you can submit a feature request @MarxoBazz:

Rising Star II
Rising Star II

@MarxoBazz - The IP Information of your device is always up to date if the device has been found and accessed and used, but we are not tracking location more closely than that.
What kind of device was it?

it's an Android, ip is not helpful it's region wide if it's a landline connection but if it's a mobile connection it's impossibile to determine where it is, we need gps coordinates

also the only reported IP is primary adapter IP, if it's in Wifi it's the private address and it's not even reported for Andorid devices