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The IT Hour | 29.July.22 World SysAdmin Day

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Community Update

  • Huge welcome to all of our new viewers today! We are glad to have you and happy World SysAdmin Day.
  • Pam asks Are you still doing backups?
  • Steven would like recommendations on unmanaged web / app hosting
  • If all goes well, the news feed should be updated to where sorting by most recent will float topics with new comments to the top. A few of you asked for this (Kelly and Chad in particular, I believe) so that you can tell when threads have been updated. A caveat: it won’t actually show the comment in the feed; just the post date will refresh, but it will cause it to pop back up to the top so you’ll know something is new in the thread. (You can also see all new posts by viewing the “recent posts” page, but this is cooler.) This should work on the home page, any category (like IT Topics), or any board.
  • Second thing, if all has gone to plan, is the font has been updated to Arial for readability and to get rid of that annoying quotation mark / apostrophe issue. If you’re not an editor or English nerd you probably didn’t care, but it PAINS those of us who are. And it should be gone! All posts, headlines, notifications, etc. should be in Arial now.
  • If you notice any problems from any of these changes, let us know! [Note from Becky: I did find some freemarker errors for floated topics after the fact, so I'm unpinning the welcome thread for now until we get that resolved]

Meetup Update

Product Release

  • RADIUS Auth with AAD
  • MTP Homepage Gets Alert boxes
  • Scheduled Activation of Users (community post)

IT News

  • Micron's 232-Layer NAND Paves Way for 200TB SSDs (Gizmodo)
    Memory and data storage producer Micron has begun production and shipment of the world’s first 232-layer NAND in Singapore, which marks the first time a NAND manufacturer has surpassed 200 layers. This opens the door for the world’s first 200TB SSDs. For comparison, even the flashiest personal computers usually stop at 2TB of storage, and the current largest SSD in the world is Nimbus Data’s 100TB ExaDrive.

  • Apple Seeds Second Public Beta of macOS 13 Ventura (MacRumors)

    Yesterday Apple seeded the second beta of macOS Ventura to its public beta testing group, allowing non-developers to test the new ‌macOS Ventura‌ operating system ahead of its release. The second beta comes a little over two weeks after the first public beta and it corresponds with the fourth developer beta.

  • Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center Links Threat Group to Austrian Spyware Vendor DSRIF (itsecurityguru)

    Microsoft has linked the efforts of the threat group Knotweed to an Austrian spyware vendor. The group has so far used the malware dubbed ‘SubZero’ to attack groups in Europe and Central America. The Subzero malware, as used by Knotweed, can be used to hack a target’s phone, computers, network, and internet-connected devices.

SysAdmin Day Story Time

  • Share a fun or interesting story in honor of SysAdmin day—we’ll bring you up on screen to tell it
  • Steven is going to share his interview story with us.
  • We had some GREAT stories in chat—if you want to continue to share more in comments (or reshare) feel free!

Bonus share: Nerdwallet: Mega Millions: 5 Ways to Spend a Billion Dollars
TL;DR: Don’t do any of these things, at least not without first having a heart-to-heart with a financial advisor.


Thanks to the SysAdmins who keep things running. But what do they run on? Pretty sure it’s caffeine and snark. Congrats to Brett and Ed, winners of the random drawing. We're emailing them a gc to their favorite caffeine source.

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