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IT Hour | 29.Oct.2022 Halloween Edition: Spooky Security Stories

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

alexaemerson_0-1667420226431.gifShoutout to Ken Russell, Rob Lyons, Kelly Guimont, and Keith Richards for joining us on screen last week to share their spooky security story! And to the many other audience members who posted stories in the chat. We had a great time swapping horror stories of IT days past in honor of Halloween this week. ๐Ÿ‘ป

Community Update

Meetup Update

  • Chicago Meetups 11/9 & 12/7 - Tom attending November event!
  • DC Meetups 11/16 (@ Right Proper Brewing) & 12/14
  • Raleigh Meetups 11/15 & 12/13 - Tom attending November event!
  • Sydney officially launched - Melbourne and Auckland just behind
  • Link to all meetup groups

Product Releases

  • Password Manager Rolling Out
  • Remote Assist Rolling Out

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