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IT Hour | 25 August 2023 | Q3 Roadmap Recap

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Q3 Roadmap Recap 

We had Chase Doelling do a "Director's Cut" of the Q3 Roadmap. We went over some very exciting updates including but not limited to JumpCloud Go, Dynamic Groups, Android MDM, and the new Virtual Command Line & File Transfer capabilities. You can watch the official webinar here:

Community Updates

Meetup Updates

  • We are moving to virtual meetups which will happen quarterly 
  • Stay tuned for updates in the Community Forums 

Product News and Announcements

  • Background Access
    • We now have a remote command line interface and file manager straight from the browser
    • You can transfer large files without FTP, USB or unsanctioned apps

IT News

Happy Friday! 

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