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IT Hour 08.April.22 | Main Show

JumpCloud Alumni
JumpCloud Alumni

IT Hot Seat Topics

  • Apple announces dates and details about WWDC 2022 (TechCrunch)
    • Tuesday—June 6 through 10—and confirmed that it will again be an online-only affair.
    • WWDC aims to the latest innovations in iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS while giving developers access to Apple engineers and technologies to learn how to create groundbreaking apps and interactive experiences.
  • Not an April Fool: Dyson announces apocalyptic filter-headphone combo(ARS Technica)
    •  Dyson confirmed this week that it is working on the Dyson Zone, one of the most intense consumer-facing masks we've ever seen. What's more, the company elected to combine this face-mounted air purifier with its first noise-canceling headphones—which contribute to the filtering process
  • Google Docs now offers emoji reactions (engadget)
    • I personally LOVE emojis and use them all the time
    • Now, you can include not just text in your comments but emoji reactions, much as you can in messages or on social media. "The new emoji reactions feature provides a less formal alternative to comments to express your opinions about document content," Google said in a blog post announcing the feature.
  • Microsoft brings Cloud PCs and local desktops together in Windows 365(The Register)
    • Microsoft has revealed plans to make cloudy Windows 11 PCs easily available from, and integrated with, its flagship OS on physical PCs, and hinted at much more integration between Redmond's desktop operating system and its clouds.
    • One is called "Windows 365 Boot" and allows a user to boot directly into a Cloud PC from a physical PC, then choose the cloudy desktop as their "primary Windows experience".
  • Microsoft launches Azure VMs powered by new Ampere Altra Arm-based chips(networkworld)
    • Microsoft has announced the public preview of its new Azure virtual machines powered by the Arm-based Ampere Altra server processors.
    • The VM series includes the general-purpose Dpsv5 and memory-optimized Epsv5 virtual machines, which Microsoft claims can deliver up to 50% better price-performance than comparable IBM x86-based VMs.
  • Amazon EC2 now provides a new and improved launch experience on the EC2 Console
    • Amazon EC2 Console introduces the new and improved launch experience - a quicker and easier way to launch an instance. The new design provides a single page layout allowing you to view all your settings in one location. You no longer need to navigate back and forth between steps to ensure your configuration is correct. The new design also introduces a summary panel, that provides an overview and helps navigate the page.  
  •  Google Data Cloud Summit 
    • Wednesday, April 6, at 9 AM PDT.  Learn how Google Cloud technologies across AI, machine learning, analytics, and databases have helped organizations

IT Security News

  • First Malware Targeting AWS Lambda Serverless Platform Discovered (Hackernews)
    • A first-of-its-kind malware targeting Amazon Web Services' (AWS) Lambda serverless computing platform has been discovered in the wild.
    • Dubbed "Denonia" after the name of the domain it communicates with, "the malware uses newer address resolution techniques for command and control traffic to evade typical detection measures and virtual network access controls," Cado Labs researcher Matt Muir said.
    • The artifact analyzed by the cybersecurity company was uploaded to the VirusTotal database on February 25, 2022, sporting the name "python" and packaged as a 64-bit ELF executable.
    • However, the filename is a misnomer, as Denonia is programmed in Go and harbors a customized variant of the XMRig cryptocurrency mining software. That said, the mode of initial access is unknown, although it's suspected it may have involved the compromise of AWS Access and Secret Keys.
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