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Community Manager

On the IT Hour this week, we got to talking about how we maintain a finger on the pulse of a constantly changing IT landscape, which led to a discussion on resources that help us do just that. We started to compile a list of those resources so that there's a central place to access them. Feel free to add a comment with your favorites!



Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Hacker News can be another one, but you really have to wade through a lot.

Computerworld sometimes has differing items, but will mostly have the same as Ars, Engadget, & GIzmodo.

Tripwire blog will have interesting topics occasionally; same with IT Security Guru.

But I compile so you don't have to!

Rising Star III

One thing I had some people ask about was... how do I listen to a podcast?

Legit, some phones don't come with local audio players, and playing in the browser isn't always the best option. Many don't know that google actually has a site and app specifically for podcast listening.

All of the above podcasts were readily available there.

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