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Apple lobbies to bring digital IDs in Wallet to New York State

JumpCloud Alumni
JumpCloud Alumni

So if we start allowing people to verify their identity using their Apple wallet, what else should or could we use with mobile phones to authenticate? 

Me personally, I actually don't like the idea of having my ID in my Apple wallet. But that's just me. But I started to think, what if we started issuing access badges via Apple wallet (I think we already can). Or what if, all identity and access management happened through someones phone? 

Scary or exciting?


Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Some hotels already do this, right? Like I can go to a Hilton and use the app to access my room. It's actually more of a pain than using a key, because I have to open my phone & then the app, but it works.

First and biggest concern is what happens to your ID when you lose your phone? How do you deactivate it & replace it? How do you then prove your identity in order to replace it? And then how do you reauthenticate?

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