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New in Commands: Enrollment Commands allow more customization of your new device experience.

Rising Star II
Rising Star II

One of the features that admins have wanted from us for some time is the ability to run commands without any admin action, especially at the time a new device enrolls. 

Customer Request: Make sure that any new device has provisioning commands run at enrollment time, so I don’t have to remember to go do it, or so that my user can enroll their freshly shipped device without IT having to be hands on keyboard when it happens.


Starting today (December 15th), JumpCloud can now deliver enrollment commands on macOS, Linux or Windows devices to ensure:

  • Commands run on any device that’s added to JumpCloud through any of our enrollment methods.
  • More than one command can be run at enrollment, and Commands will run in alphabetical order
  • All commands will report back results in the Admin Portal.

We think that you're going to love this major enhancement to your onboarding flows, allowing new systems that get the JumpCloud Agent to proceed through configuration tasks without admins needing to be hands on. 


Novitiate II

I have requested this trigger for many months now. Thanks for making this happen JumpCloud🙏🏿

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

And you can see Tom's demo on the IT Hour if you missed it: The IT Hour | 2022 Wrap Up and Our Favorite Things 12.16.22

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Novitiate I

This is an outstanding addition to JC functionality but it would be _even better_ if you could specify device groups/user groups instead of an all-or-nothing by OS type