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It's here | Automatic Windows MDM Enrollment for Windows 10/11 devices

JumpCloud Employee
JumpCloud Employee

Key Outcomes

  1. Admins can automatically enroll all of their JumpCloud-managed Windows 10/11 devices (non-home versions) into JumpCloud Windows MDM by checking a single box on the Windows MDM tab.
  2. Admins can ensure that all FUTURE Windows 10/11 devices (non home versions) that are enrolled into JumpCloud via the JumpCloud agent installer are automatically enrolled into JumpCloud Windows MDM.
  3. Admins will have peace of mind in knowing that devices enrolled in JumpCloud Windows MDM will not be able to be tampered with by nefarious end users attempting to remove the JumpCloud agent or MDM management.

The Short Story

In early May, we launched Windows MDM and introduced the first increment of customer value. This release enabled administrators to empower end users with a streamlined device enrollment experience, built on Windows MDM.

Community post: JumpCloud Launches Streamlined Windows MDM Integration for Unrivaled Device Management Possibilities

This week (6/20/23) we have started the roll out of the next feature, Automatic MDM enrollment for all existing and future JumpCloud agent managed Windows 10/11 devices. 


Over the coming weeks we will be enabling this feature for all organizations. 


This release enables JumpCloud administrators to enroll all their existing JumpCloud-managed Windows 10/11 devices (non-home versions) with a single click. Additionally, it ensures that any future devices enrolled into JumpCloud via the JumpCloud agent are automatically enrolled in Windows MDM.

Devices enrolled by enabling this setting will display as being connected to JumpCloud MDM by JumpCloud@agent.enrolled from within the "Access work or school" settings page.


Knowledge Base Articles

  1. Get Started: Windows MDM

  2. FAQ: Windows MDM



Novitiate I

If we turn that feature on, what would happen to devices that are currently bound to Microsoft Intune (endpoint).

JumpCloud Employee
JumpCloud Employee

Automatic MDM enrollment only automatically enrolls devices that are not enrolled with a MDM vendor. Devices that are currently enrolled in another MDM Vendor like Microsoft Intune will not be enrolled in JumpCloud MDM when this feature is enabled. To enroll these devices first unenroll them from the current MDM vendor and then enable the feature.