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Commands/Software management depending on User group

Novitiate I

Hey everyone!

First time writing here and a relatively new user of JumpCloud Device Management.

I am able - with a lot of help from the great support of JumpCloud - to do an automatic onboarding of new Windows / Mac devices with ADE or Autopilot and also bind the JC user to the machine. I am also installing some basic software on all of them through Commands after Agent Install but now I would like to go a bit deeper and have other commands execute depending on the group the user belongs to or it could also be some information on the user's details (like Department).

The main idea would be something like this:

John belongs to User group "Marketing", or has "Marketing" in the Department field on his user details 

Sarah belongs to User group "Tech", or has "Tech" in the Department field on her user details

CommandA only runs on devices/users from Marketing

CommandB only runs on devices/users from Tech


Has anyone ever done something like this with PowerShell/bash?


Thanks a lot in advance!



JumpCloud Employee
JumpCloud Employee

Hey @liormaran,

Hope you're doing well! What you are looking to do should be possible using either our API or PowerShell Module. It's not something we provide direct examples for, but this would certainly be possible, and I have seen other organizations do similar things. Unfortunately, it is a bit too involved for me to provide you a complete script for this. That being said I would like to at least point you in the direction of some resources/similar examples. In addition, our professional services team could possibly be engaged if your looking for help with custom scripting. 

Here are some resources which I would direct you to that may help:

Hopefully this helps get you started. I would also encourage that you go ahead and submit a feature request for this if you have the time. This will help inform our product team of your interest. If you are interested in working with our professional services team to develop the custom script, I would suggest reaching out to your Account Manager.