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Onboarding with JumpCloud User Welcome Sheet

JumpCloud Alumni
JumpCloud Alumni

Below is an example template for you to customize according to your company's needs. Please confirm all details with your internal departments and your legal professionals.


Welcome to the new <company name> computing experience!

As you’ve probably noticed, your computer looks a little different today. We have moved to a new security system called JumpCloud. Here is an encapsulation of what’s new, what’s the same, and what is or isn’t allowed anymore.

What is JumpCloud?

JumpCloud manages and controls logins and accounts for computers, mobile devices, networks, services and apps.

Why do we need this?

JumpCloud makes it easier to create and manage accounts and logins for <company> employees. It allows us to team up users, devices, accounts, and logins to give employees a true Single Sign On (SSO) experience. What that means for you is that you won’t have to maintain and remember dozens of different passwords. This will affect your efficiency today and into the future. 

How does it work?

Simply put, your login is your login for everything listed below. Anything in the “unmanaged” column will not be part of this new workflow and, for those items, you will still be responsible for creating and maintaining usernames and passwords.


IT Supports These Logins

IT Supports These Logins

IT Does Not Support These Logins

SSO (login through the JumpCloud User Portal)


Unmanaged Items

Username = [email address]

Username = [first.last]

You will manage your own username and passwords.


Computer Account


JumpCloud User Portal

File Server



What should I do next?

You’ve been through the training over the past week where we’ve walked you through downloading the JumpCloud Protect app to your phone. You’ll use the Protect app for this next task.

  1. Log in to your computer:
  • username (first.last)
  • temporary password: [first.last]8675309!
  1. You will be asked for your password one more time. Enter this temporary password again. Click the “Push” button and then hit return. 
  2. Open the Protect app on your phone. You’ll see a message asking you to approve a device. Tap yes and your computer will complete the login process.
  3. Log on to <url> where you’ll be prompted to change your password to something more secure.
  4. Congratulate yourself on performing your first MFA (multi-factor authentication) with JumpCloud!