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MacOS and MDM profiles. Can you ever have too many?

Rising Star III

I was talking with someone just the other day, then there was a question on slack that made me think of this; but have you ever noticed that no one seems to talk about how granular your macOS MDM policies/profiles can be?

Right now, I'm sitting at 20 custom MDM configuration profiles in my JC console. The thing that got the person I was talking to the other day was that they thought they could only have the one custom profile; because it wouldn't let them make a second. (They didn't realize that they could change the name)

I like keeping a separate profile for each configuration domain so it's easy to find and upload a new XML. It also means that if someone *really* want's Siri enabled, it's easy to find and change just that one option.

So, how many/how granular is your policy configuration? Are there some best practices in place you all are using? Will The Batman save Robin in time?