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API Managment Tool

Novitiate I

Hi Everyone, Thank you in advance for any help and guidence.

I am looking for a tool that manages API requests and perhaps a little bit of Automation. I am currently using a lot of Power Automate and this is working really well for me but in terms of of manageging all the automation between a team of 5 I feel like this might not be the the best practice. I think what I dont like is that I need to share my create Automation out to my team in order for them to have access to it. Any even if I do this a lot of the Automations have my 365 Admin account link to them.

Wanted to know are you guys using Power Automate for API requests? Are you using another tool that does something simulare? What are your thoughts? 


JumpCloud Alumni
JumpCloud Alumni

There are several available to take a look at. They all function similiar to how you use Power Automate, but have cleaner interfaces and more "low-code" practices in place.