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Apple VPP Software Update

Novitiate I

So I found out today that some of the applications pushed to our org Macs were out of date between 6 months to a year. I first tried to do a manual update on my Mac and encountered an error due to the Apple ID used in my Mac and the Apple ID used in getting the software through Apple VPP is not the same. 

I tried looking at the Software Management and policies, and there isn't anything I can do. I also tried to update through command lines but it seems like it cannot detect apps that is installed through MDM. 

How is software update for software purchased through Apple VPP handled in JumpCloud?

Note: I also have got a support ticket open with JumpCloud, waiting for their response. 


Novitiate I

Update: In order to update the software in the scenario, just go to software management and under status, click on retry. It will push out the latest update to the managed devices. Kinda manual way.