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How do you manage admin access to user accounts?

Novitiate I

Hello Admins , 

How do you manage admin access rights in your organization. Since jumpcloud only offers choco package , how do you manage pushing software to employees? I am thinking to setup non admin user accounts so that we could improve security , but im not sure how to manage the software part or whenever they temporarily need admin access . 



Novitiate II

We do not provide admin access to users. Most common Windows Apps we push out via Chocolatey. For packages not available via Choco, Apple App Store, or with vendor updated pkg links to add to Software Management for Apple; we write powershell or bash Commands to remotely install apps. This easily covers the majority of installs. If writing a command is not possible, then we remote access the user's system using Splashtop to install applications manually.

Rising Star III

Agreed. Choco for most things on our Windows machines; and for the Macs, where VPP isn't possible, we use Munki. For those that we can't script in Powershell or Munki/zsh, good ole IT ticket and remote access.