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Conditional access questions

Novitiate I


I have been reviewing the online material, but I can't find the answer to these questions: (I don't have admin access so may not be able to see all the screens ... I also tried the online simulations)

  1. Can we have two levels of MFA? One for managed devices and one for unmanaged devices? I would want unmanaged devices (e.g., consultants) to have to MFA more often than folks on managed laptops.(e.g: Daily vs every few days) 

  2. For Geolocation. We would create a rule to allow 15 countries and block the rest. Once that is implemented, can we create a second rule to limit all unmanaged devices to North America? (hence only managed devices can login from the whole 15 countries identified)

Thanks for any input


Novitiate I

Should I assume this is not possible?  😞

Thank you. 

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

@SlimJim checking on that for you.

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JumpCloud Alumni
JumpCloud Alumni

@SlimJim Right now we don't support multiple levels of MFA, where you can specify triggering MFA based on duration of their last successful mfa attempt

You can create a rule that can have 1 or more conditions for user portal and SSO app access, so you can have a condition that specify managed device and a location (you can multiple countries)