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Obsidian vs Joplin

JumpCloud Alumni
JumpCloud Alumni

What are your thoughts and opinions? Do you use anything else?  I create a blog on this, and would like to open the conversation on what you think.

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Novitiate III

Great article! I've been looking for a note taking tool to move away from OneNote and going to give Obsidian a shot. Do you use it as a daily planner/to do or just general note taking? Any templates? The paid sync is kind of a bummer, but will take a peek at the community git method.
The real gem of this article was the D&D hat tip! Would love to get some details about the campaign you're running if you feel like sharing! Not sure if there is an off-topic area here or if Slack would make sense.

Hey thanks for giving a read.  I always feel like sharing what kind of campaign I am running. It's basically a Homebrew world called Thelios. The gods have been displaced into relics across the world therefore resulting in a world that is left to it's own without any divine direction. 

I will do a video or a blog on the plugins that I use. But essentially there are some MUST haves
Fantasy Calendar can be used for D&D and real life too
Stat Block
Dice Roller
Git Plugin
and a few others.

The git plugin is amazing. I will probably have some more blogs or videos on the different plugins that I use.


Dataview and Git Plugin are my top two at the moment. Dataview allows me to make queries within my notes based on metadata. It's super fancy

Novitiate I

Thanks for introducing me to Joplin as well! I've used Obsidian for almost two years now as a Zettelkasten and I think they really took off once they opened up their plugin ecosystem. They have really come a long way. The graph view is super nice and I really should go back to my notes and really start linking things together.

As you mentioned, I am a bit bummed that they are closed source. The silver lining is that at least I know all the files are just plain text markdown files that I can bring with me wherever I go. Thanks for the great hat tip on the Obsidian Git plugin too!

Yeah I agreed. I touch on that a little bit that even though it's not open-source the fact that their plugin community is so deep and active is promising. And also, it's just Markdown files and folders that can literally be used anywhere.